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To access your personal information on our website, please follow instructions here. The enrollment process for new families is explained here.

Before Apr-23Before June-11After June-11
Children1≥ 21≥ 21≥ 2
New Family ExcludedAll Families
Add $50 for each new student
Jul-31Full Refund
Aug-31Full if another family is enrolled
Dec-31$50 per child (max $100 per family)

If a returning family with 2 children enrolls by April 23, tuition will be $475 ($500 - $25). Between April 23 and June 11, tuition will be $500. When we accept registration after June 11, the tuition will be $525 ($500 + $25). The early registration discount does not apply to new families.

New Family Orientation
DateSunday, June 4, 2017
Please join us at General Assembly at 9:30am
LocationBrooklawn Middle School
250 Beachwood Road
Parsippany, NJ 07054
  • All families new to Vidyalaya are required to attend this event. This is the best opportunity to know more about Vidyalaya, meet volunteer team leaders and sign up for volunteering roles.
  • All new students from grade 1 to grade 12 are require to attend. The Language Curriculum Tean needs to evaluate the language proficiency level of each student to place them in the correct class. Even if the student is a beginner, it is important that they be seen.
  • The kindergarten students are not required to attend. Please note that the Kindergarten program is a separate program. The Kindergarten students stay with other kids of the same grade regardless of language proficiency.

Registration may be submitted to Volunteers at Sunday School or mailed to
PO BOX 775,
Morris Plains, NJ 07950.


Siblings can be registered at the same time as continuing students. If you do not see the name of sibling in the registration, please provide the necessary information and we will mail you the updated forms.

Admission List

The final admission list is published around August 31. Final decision about student count can only be made when facility is secured and we know how many we can accommodate. Top priority is given to enrolled families who registered early. Fees are refunded in September if someone cannot be accommodated due to lack of physical space.

Class Assignment

Two classes (Language and Culture) are assigned to each student grade 1 and above. The language class is assigned based on language proficiency level. The existing students are evaluated by their teachers at the end of the term. The new students are evaluated by experienced teachers and assigned a class based on their recommendation. The culture class is conducted in English and it is put together based on age group and the grade of the weekday school the student is in. The class assignment is communicated before the first day.

Change of mind

Families have an option to change their mind until July 31. The fee will be refunded in September and no questions will be asked. Please send an email to payment@vidyalaya.org requesting cancellation and refund of fees.


Payment by check is preferred. Please write family ID on the check. Cash payments should be submitted in an envelope. Please write the family ID on the envelope. The checks should be made payable to Vidyalaya Inc.


Receipts are provided by email when the payments are entered in our system. Please note that tuition is not tax-deductible.

New Student Registration Fee

There is a new student registration fee of $50. Each new student will receive a school bag, a prayer book and a audio CD containing recitals by Sunday School Prayer Team.


Please send cancellation request to payment@vidyalaya.org. Any request received until July 31 will be unconditionally honored and full amount including new student registration fee is returned. A cancellation received before December 31 will qualify for $50 per child ($100 max per family) refund. There will not be any refund after December 31.

Vidyalaya Administration has discretion to refund full amount in some situations before the school starts if they are able to find a replacement. No discretion can be exercised once the school starts. The new student Registration fee is used when the student joins the school. It cannot be refunded after that.

It may take us up to two months to make a refund payment. Please let us know if your address changes in the meantime.


The fees pays for classroom expenses (building rental and supplies), annual event expenses (rental, dinner, trophies, video, audio and other expenses), Picnic (Lunch, snacks etc.), Holi and other events held throughout the year. We collect it all together in the beginning of the year. We also organize teacher training. The building rental is our biggest expense.

At the end of the session, we make a presentation to the community detailing the revenue and expenses made during the year.

We provide
  1. Family Participation Agreement
  2. This is for your records. You are agreeing to the terms in this agreement as part of registration. Please read it.
  3. Volunteer Options Form
  4. This is for your records. Vidyalaya is successful because we all volunteer. Each family is required to contribute at least 15 hours of their time. Please make your choices from the options in the Volunteer Options Form and list the codes registration form. One of the team leads will contact you next year.
  5. Customized Family Registration Packet
  6. The pdf contains pages customized for your family.
    1. Family Information sheet
    2. This is for your records. Please let us know if any corrections are required at admission@vidyalaya.org.
    3. Family Registration Form
    4. Completed and signed form is expected back. One registration form per family is required.
    5. Medical Information Form
    6. Completed and signed form is expected back. One medical information form per student is required.
We Request
  1. Pick volunteering choices and enter these in the Registration Form for parents.
  2. If you are unable to volunteer for some reason, please stop. We can only enroll families that are willing to volunteer.
  3. For each student, complete the medical information form
  4. Apply any early discount (for families enrolled in 2016-17 and registering before April 23) or late fee (if registering after June 11).
  5. Choose any additional purchases you may want to make. New students are provided Prayer CD, Prayer Book and a book Bag by Vidyalaya.
  6. Calculate correct total fee.
We Expect
  1. Completed Family Registration Form, One per family.
  2. Completed Medical Information form. One per student.
  3. Registration Fee.

Checks should be made payable to Vidyalaya Inc. Please write the family ID on the check. Cash should be put in a sealed envelope and write family ID on it. Please bring it to an Admissions Volunteer at the school or mail to PO BOX 775, Morris Plains, NJ 07950. Please let admission@vidyalaya.org know if you mail an application.


Students from Kindergarten through High School are eligible to enroll in the Sunday School program. (Juniors/Seniors in High School and College students are encouraged to apply for student assistant positions. Please contact the Student and Parent Affairs Coordinator (spa@vidyalaya.org) for more information. To be eligible for the regular Sunday School program, children must be entering Kindergarten grade in their respective school district or private school system at the time of registration.

Proof of school admission may be required.

parsippany.vidyalaya.orgWeb site for all published information
Admission@vidyalaya.orgAdmission project management. This email address is used to invite families and for all follow up work until the new session starts. Families send email to this address to register interest. For more information click here.
spa@vidyalaya.orgThis is the address for enrolled families to contact Vidyalaya
payment@vidyalaya.orgMatters relating to money are managed by this address.
info@vidyalaya.orgThis is the general address for any issue.

Grievance process can be found here.