High School Student at Vidyalaya


Teaching Position Rules

  1. Log hours, see Log sheet
  2. 70% minimum participation for Sundays
  3. Adult teacher in the class must be satisfied with performance
  4. Must login to Dakhila portal and update newsletter entry
  5. must be available to help 9:30 to 11:45 when requested.
  6. must attend general assembly.


  1. sophomore or above are able to volunteer without enrolling.
  2. Freshman and middle school students can volunteer in language class if they enroll for Culture class and have completed highest level of language class offered.


  1. Administration team will certify the hours log at the end of year.
  2. Same honor code as regular school apply.
  3. Students are free to obtain additional recommendations from other volunteers.
  4. Any letter on Vidyalaya Letterhead can only be released by Administration team.
  5. Copies of all vidayalaya letters will be kept on FTP site.


  1. Community Service Hourly Log
  2. Volunteering Master Sheet - Refer to this for non-teaching volunteering opportunities


  1. Develop and demonstrate leadership skills in the context of community activities
  2. Invite Experts and hold seminars
  3. Time Management
  4. Reading efficiently and consume large amount of written information
  5. Effective presentation - peer evaluation
  6. Inclusive Atmosphere, Relationship Building
  7. Peer Conversation, as opposed to teaching, group
  8. Acquire new skills


  1. Offered to High School Sophomore, Junior and Senior students
  2. Time: 11:00- 12:00, School Days
  3. Planned absence only

Coordinator: Umesh Mittal

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