Vidyalaya offers classes in three languages, Hindi Gujarati and Telugu. Courses are offered at six levels.

  1. Common vocabulary, recognition of alphabet, listening and speaking skills about home and self in present tense.
  2. More vocabulary, writing alphabet, repeating sentence and question forms, introduction of vowels, listening and speaking about school and leisure.
  3. Asking and responding to simple questions, formulating basic sentences, reading and writing words, phrases and short sentences using vowels, listening and speaking about community related topics using present and past tenses.
  4. Communicating socially in familiar settings, formulating grammatically correct sentences in writing, recognizing the use of blended consonants, speaking about self and others using present, past and future tenses.
  5. Communicating in unfamiliar settings, reading comprehension of longer passages, writing at multiple sentence level, understanding and providing oral directions, speaking using various tenses.
  6. Sustain conversation sharing details, writing in paragraphs, summarizing simple text from literature, using complex sentence forms with emphasis on correct use of grammar.
Levels 1-3 are intended to provide basic vocabulary, reading, and writing skills, with simple conversation. Intermediate levels are intended to provide more immersive lessons, with foremost focus on conversation skills.


  1. Teacher Observation
  2. Assess for accuracy and participation
  3. Presentational Rubric
  4. Comprehension checks
  5. Formal evaluation

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