Morning Prayers


Om   Gam   Gan Pata Ye   Na Ma Ha
Ga Ja Na NaM   BHoot   Gana Dhi Say   Vi Tam
Ka Pith Ha   Jam Bo   Phal Saar   BHak SHa Nam
Uma   Su Tam   SHok   Vi Na SHa   Kara Nam
Nama Mi   Vigh Nesh Var   Paad   Pank Jum  

Om. Adorations to Ganesh-the Lord of Ganas! I adore the lotus feet of Lord Ganesh, the son of Goddess Uma, the remover of obstacles, destroyer of grief; who is attended on by the Bhutas Ganas (the deities presiding over the elements), who is the eater of the essence of Kapittha and Jambu fruits (who is the revealer of the Truth behind the world-process).

Ma Noj Vam   Maa Rut   Tul Ya   Ve Gam
Ji Ten Dri Yam   Bud DHi   Ma TaaM   VaR Ish THaM
Wa Taat Ma Jam   Wa Nar   You Tha   MuKH YaM
SHri   Ram   Doo Tam   SHar Nam   Pra Pad Ye

I find refuge in Lord Rama's Messenger, who is swift as thought, powerful as the wind, in control of his senses, supremely intelligent, commander of the army of forest creatures, and son of the wind-god.

Ya   Kun Den Du   Tu SHaar   Haar   Dha Va Laa
Ya   SHu BHra   Vas tra   Vri Taa
Ya   Vee Na   Var Dand a   Mand it   Ka Raa
Ya   Sh Way Ta   Pad Ma Sa Naa
Ya   Brah Ma ChYu Ta   Shan Kar   Pra BHri Ti BHir
Dey Va Hi   Sa Daa   Poo Ji Ta
Saa MaaM   Paa Tu   Saras Vati   Bhag Vati
NIh   Schey sh Ja D Ya   Pa Haa

May that Goddess whose complexion is fair like the shining moon, Who wears a garland of snow-white jasmine flower and is adorned by a luminous white garment; Whose hands are decked by Veena (musical instrument) and Vara-danda (staff of blessings); who is seated on a white lotus; who is ever adored by Bhrama, Vishnu, Shiva, and other gods; who destroys all forms of inertia and dullness; May that Goddess Saraswati protect and sustain me!

Moo Kam   Ka Ro Ti   Vaa Cha Lam
Pan Gum   Lan Ghay Tey   Gi Rim
Yat Kri Pa   Tam Ham   Van Dey
Par Maa NanD   Maa Dha Vam

I salute that Madhava, the source of supreme bliss, whose Grace makes the dumb eloquent and the cripple cross mountains!

Kar Poo R   Gau Rum   Ka Ru Na   Va Ta Rum
San SaaR   Saa Rum   BHuj   Gain Dra   Haa Rum
Sa Daa   Va Sa n Tum   Hri Dya R   Vin Dey
Bha Vam   Bha Va Nee   Sa Hi Tum   Na Ma Mi

O Lord Shankar, you are as pure as kapur in color and the symbol of kindness. This universe is full of inhappiness. O Shankar, I observe happiness in you. Always stay in my heart now and forever because I am surrendering unto you.

Gu Ru R   Bra Ham Aa   Gu Ru R   Vi Sh Nu
Gu Ru R   Dey Vo   Ma Hey Sha Wa Ra H
Gu Ru   Saa K Sha T   Par Bra Ha Ma
Tas Ma E   Sh Ri   Gu Ra Vay   Na Ma H
Tva Mev   Maa Taa   Cha
Pi Taa   Tva Mev AA
Tva Mev   Ban Dhu Sh Cha
Sa KHa   Tva Mev AA
Tva Mev   Vid Ya
Dra Vi Nam   Tva Mev AA
Tva Mev   Sar Vam
Mam   Dey Va   Dey Va
Om   BHoo R   BHu Vah   Swa Ha
Tat   Sa Vi Tur   Va Ray   N Yam
BHa R Go   Dey Va S Ya   DHee   Ma Hi
DHi Yo   Yo   Nah   Pra Cho D Ya T

*We recite Gayatri Mantra 3 times

Ach Yu Tam   Kay Sh Va M
Ram   Nar Ay Nam
Kri Sh Na   Daa Mo Da Rum
Va Su Dey Va M   Ha Ray
Sh Ri   Dha Rum   Ma Dh Va M
Go Pi Ka   Va L La Bha m
Jaa N Ki   Na Ya Ka M
Ram   Cha N Dra M   Ha Ray
Om   Sa Ha Na   Va Va Tu
Sa Ha Nau   Bhu Nuk Tu
Sa Ha   Vee r Ya M   Ka R Va   Va Hey
Te Jas Vi   Naa V   DHee T   Mas Tu
Ma   Vid Vi SHa   Va Hey
Om   Sha n Ti H   Sha N Ti H   Sha n Ti H
Om   Poo r Na   Ma Da H   Poo r Na   Mi DaM
Poo r Na T   Poo r Na   Mu Da Ch Ya Tay
Poo r Na s Ya   Poo r Na   Ma Daa Ya
Poo r Na   May Va   Va Shi Shya Tay
Om   Sha n Ti H   Sha N Ti H   Sha n Ti H