Before School Starts

Draft Email to Families

Thank you for enrolling into the Vidyalaya program. Next year all classes will be held online leveraing the Google Products, Classroom and Meet. As is the case with any online program, we need to set ourselves up to use it and would like all families to complete and test the setup now, before the school starts.

Email: The first step is any online system is login. We are going to use email address as login name. The passwords can either be entered or we can leverage single-sign-on facilties offered by Google across their products. Therefore, we need an email address associated with each student. Ideally, it would be a unique address. Please share it with us if you have one. If you prefer to use an address currently being used by a parent, please let us know which one and will work with it. It is important to send us the email address of each student immediately as rest of the setup depends on it.

Classroom: The online school is modelled after the physical school. Like rooms at the public school, we will use Google Classroom and as opposed to physical presence, we will have virtual meeting using Google Meet. We will set these up for you once we have the email address for each student. Like in past years, each student will be in three rooms starting at 9:30, 10:00 and 11:00. Like room assignments, each student will receive three emails inviting them to join three Google Classrooms. One must follow the process detailed here to join. It applies to both students and teachers.

Meet: For each class, we will share the Google Meet codes with you, now and every week when you login to your Classroom. You will click on the link and if it requires you to "Ask to Join", we will let you in. Our expectation is that it is a one time task and next time you can join in without permission. It is very important to complete this step before the school starts, otherwise one might find oneself waiting to join the class.

Everyone must complete these steps for seamless functioning of school.

When Invitation is received
  1. Use private/anonymous window to avoid confusion
  2. Login to your email account and find the invitation email
  3. Click join
  4. Create account if you do not have one already
  5. Click for myself
  6. Click use my current address instead
  7. Enter password twice
  8. Click next
  9. A verification code should be received in email. Enter it
  10. Enter a phone number for verification
  11. Enter the message received on sms
  12. Enter date of birth and gender. It says, why they ask.
  13. Get more from your number - skip
  14. Privacy and terms - agree
  15. Go back to invitation email, accept invitation from Google Classroom.
  16. Verify you can see your classes in Classroom
Additional Step for Teachers
  1. Identify a device that you will use for online teaching.
  2. Follow the following steps. Do it at least once so we know this works for you.
  3. Start a new browser,
  4. Go to Classroom
  5. Logout of any account you may be logged in
  6. Login:
  7. Password: distributed through email/sms
  8. If it requires a code, let it go to Umesh at phone ending at 50
  9. Contact Umesh for the code.
  10. Find your classroom among all rooms listed
  11. See if you can find google drive for the class and files in it
  12. See if you see google meet link on the header
  13. Start a google meet
  14. Paste the invitation on the stream sections
  15. Let someone else join the call
  16. This login is needed only for conference calls and saving files.
Avoid last minute requests

Day of Class

  1. At 9:25 AM, please login to Google Classroom
  2. You should see three class rooms
  3. Click on General Assembly
  4. Follow Instructions on Bulletin Board
  5. Join Video Conference Call with microsphone on Mute
  6. When it is over, go back and change class to Language Classroom
  7. Follow Instructions on Bulletin Board
  8. At the end of Lanaguage Class, join the Culture classroom
  9. Follow Instructions on Bulletin Board
  10. Class specific quetions/comments can be shared with Teacher in the Classroom
  11. For all other matters, contact
  1. Five minutes before the class, go to Google Classroom
  2. One and only one teacher should login as
    1. Find the class you teach, click on it
    2. Click on Meet link to start the call
    3. It would give you a window to copy the call details
    4. Copy it and paste it on bullten board
  3. You may communicate with students by posting on bulletin board.
  4. Everyone will be notified by email when something is posted
  5. Feel Free to use Google Drive and Class Assignment/quiz features of the Application
  6. All posts by teachers are sent as email to all student. Use it and avoid use of personal emails to communicate.
Technical Support
  1. We have a limited technical support available to help families
  2. Please try the steps exactly as listed on this page
  3. Let us know at which step you are stuck at
  4. If we are not able to resolve by improving this page, we may request you to install Teamviewer on your PC
  5. We have done some basic testing and we could use assistance of more skilled volunteers.
  6. Please hold your questions until the school is up and running. At this time, we want to focus on if the listed steps work for our community.