Chapter 11

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Sthaaney hrishikesh tav prakeertyaa
Jagat prahashya tyanu rajyate cha
Rakshaansi bheetaani disho dravanti
Sarvey namasyanti cha siddha sanghah
11.36 Arjuna said -- It is proper, O Hrsikesa, that the world becomes delighted and attracted by Your praise; that the Raksasas, stricken with fear, run in all directions; and that all the groups of the Siddhas bow down (toYou).
Kasmaachch tey na nameyran mahaatman
Gareeyasey brahmano pyaa di kartrey
Anant devesh jagannivaas
Tvamaksharam sad sat tatparam yat
11.37 And why should they not bow down to You, O exalted [i.e. not narrow-minded.] One, who are greater (than all) and who are the first Creator even of Brahma! O infinite One, supreme God, Abode of the Universe, You are the Immutable, being and non-being, (and) that which is Transcendental.
Tvamaadi devah purushah puraana
Stvamasya vishvasya param nidhaanam
Veyttaasi vedyam cha param cha dhaam
Tvayaa tatam vishva mananta roopa
11.38 You are the primal Deity, the ancient Person; You are the supreme Resort of this world. You are the knower as also the object of knowledge, and the supreme Abode. O You of infinite forms, the Universe is pervaded by You!
Vayur yamognir varunah shashaankah
Prajaa patistvam prapitaa mahash cha
Namo namasteystu sahasra kritvah
Punashch bhooyopi namo namastey
11.39 You are Air, Death, Fire, the god of the waters, the moon, the Lord of the creatures, and the Greater-grandfather. Salutations! Salutation be to You a thousand times; salutation to You again and again! Salutation!
Namah purastaadath prashtth tastey
Namostu te sarvat eva sarva
Ananta veeryaa mit vikramastvam
Sarvam samaapnoshi tatosi sarvah
11.40 Salutation to You in the East and behind. Salutation be to You on all sides in deed, O All! You are possessed of infinite strength and infinite heroism. You pervade everything; hence You are all!
Sakheti matvaa prasabham yaduktam
Hey Krishna hey yaadav hey sakheti
Ajaanataa mahi maanam tavedam
Mayaa pramaadaat pranayen vaapi
11.41 Without knowing this greatness of Yours, whatever was said by me (to You) rashly, through inadvertence or even out of intimacy, thinking (You to be) a friend, addressing (You) as 'O krsna,' 'O Yadava,' 'O friend,' etc.-.
Yachchaa vahaa saarth masat kritosi
Vihaar shayyaa san bhojaneshu
Ekoth vaapya chyut tat samaksham
Tat kshaamaye tvaamaham prameyam
11.42 And that You have been discourteously treated out of fun-while walking, while on a bed, while on a seat, while eating, in privacy, or, O Acyuta, even in public, for that I beg pardon of You, the incomprehensible One.
Pitaasi lokasya charaa charasya
Tvamasya poojyashch gurur gareeyaan
Na tvat samostya bhyadhikah kutonyo
Lokatraye pya pratim prabhaav
11.43 You are the Father of all beings moving and non-moving; to this (world) You are worthy of worship, the Teacher, and greater (than a teacher). There is none equal to You; how at all can there be anyone greater even in all the three worlds, O You or unrivalled power?
Tasmaat pranamya pranidhaay kaayam
Prasaadaye tvaam hamee shameedyam
Piteyva putrasya sakheyva sakhyuh
Priyah priyaayaar hasi dev soddhum
11.44 Therefore, by bowing down and prostrating the body, I seek to propitate You who are God and are adorable. O Lord, You should [The elision of a (in arhasi of priyayarhasi) is a metrical licence.] forgive (my faults) as would a father (the faults) of a son, as a friend, of a friend, and as a lover of a beloved.
Adrishta poorvam hrishitosmi drishtvaa
Bhayen cha pravyathitam mano mey
Tadeva mey darshay dev roopam
Praseed devesh jagannivaas
11.45 I am delighted by seeing something not seen heretofore, and my mind is stricken with fear. O Lord, show me that very form; O supreme God, O Abode of the Universe, be gracious!
Kiritinam gadinam chakra hasta
Michchaami tvaam drashtu maham tathaiva
Teynaiva roopena chatur bhujena
Sahasra baaho bhava vishva moortey
11.46 I want to see You just as before, wearing a crown, wielding a mace, and holding a disc in hand. O You with thousand arms, O You of Cosmic form, appear with that very form with four hands.