Dharma हिंदी ગુજરાતી తెలుగు Culture


Period First Child Sibling
Until 07/15 $75
07/16 thru 08/15 $100
After 08/15 $125 Add $75 for each sibling
* Registration Date is the date when all completed forms and fee is received.
Until 07/31 Full Refund
Until start of School 50%
School Starts No refund

New Family

  1. Download, fill Family Information Form and email to admission@vidyalaya.org.
  2. New: Try Google Forms instead
  3. All the information saved in database is available at Dakhila portal Instructions
Attending Orientation
  1. Video conference calls will be organized to introduce Vidyalaya
  2. All families new to Vidyalaya are required to attend this event
  3. This is the best opportunity to know more about Vidyalaya, meet volunteer team leaders and sign up for volunteering roles
  4. Please look for announcment on Website


Enrollment Packet
  1. Family Registration pre-filled with information is emailed by Admission@vidyalaya.org
  2. Check Volunteering Choices
  3. Calculate and write total Fee based on number of students and date of submission
  4. No messages, corrections are processed on this form. Please communicate via email
  5. Family Participation Agreement
  6. This is for your records. You are agreeing to the terms in this agreement as part of registration. Please read it
  1. Checks should be made payable to Vidyalaya Inc
  2. Write family ID on the check
  3. Mail to PO BOX 775, Morris Plains, NJ 07950
  4. Alert admission@vidyalaya.org when form is mailed
  1. https://www.paypal.me/vidyalaya
  2. Enter Amount, uncheck box for "Goods and Services"
  3. Add a note with family ID
  4. Alert admission@vidyalaya.org with confirmation number


Class Assignment
  1. Two classes (Language and Culture) are assigned to each student
  2. The language class is assigned based on language proficiency level. The existing students are evaluated by their teachers at the end of the term. New students are evaluated by experienced teachers and assigned a class based on their recommendation
  3. The Culture Class is assigned based on the student’s Grade in regular school
  1. Please send cancellation request to payment@vidyalaya.org.
  2. Refund amount will be calculated based on schedule at the top of this page.
  3. If any fees were applied by online payment process, they will be deducted in refund check.
  4. It may take us up to two months to make a refund payment. Please let us know if your address changes in the meantime.

Receipts are provided by email when the payments are entered in our system. Please note that tuition is not tax-deductible.


The fees pays for various expenses of the organization. At the end of the session, we make a presentation to the community detailing the revenue and expenses made during the year.

Online School

  1. Three links will be distributed for each Sunday when class is held
  2. A link for General Assembly, that starts at 9:30am, is distributed to everyone
  3. Each Language class will get is language class link for class starting at 10am
  4. Each Culture class is provided with a link for class starting at 11am
  5. All regular classes end at 11:45am
  1. Join the call on time
  2. Mute your microphone when joining
  3. Please setup your devices prior to call
  4. Let us know the technical challenges so we can help resolve them

Contact us

parsippany.vidyalaya.org Web site for all published information
Admission@vidyalaya.org Admission project management. This email address is used to invite families and for all follow up work until the new session starts. Families send email to this address to register interest For more information click here
spa@vidyalaya.org This is the address for enrolled families to contact Vidyalaya
payment@vidyalaya.org Matters relating to money are managed by this address
info@vidyalaya.org This is the general address for external persons

Grievance process can be found here