There are 10 levels of culture class. This is a sampling of some of the topics covered
CKG - Culture Level KG An Overview of Indian Culture
  1. Overview of Hindu Gods, Indian Geography, People, Festivals, Rituals, Languages, Sports
C1 - Culture Level 1 - Fun & Games with Indian Culture
  1. India on the World Map, Countries & Water Bodies Surrounding India
  2. Languages Spoken, Foods and Clothing from different regions
  3. Ram-Sita- Laxman, Hanuman, Shiva-Parvati, Krishna, Ganesh, Diwali, Holi, Indian Customs, Ramayana Introduced
C2 - Culture Level 2 - A Journey through India with Music, Dance & Stories
  1. States of India and their Capitals
  2. Famous Dance Forms, Musical Instruments & Musicians
  3. Brahma-Vishnu- Mahesh, Forms of Durga, Janmashtmi & Shivratri, Puja & Prayers, Ramayan with side stories & morals
C3 - Culture Level 3 - India, A land of Diversity
  1. Rivers & Mountains, Branches of Government, India Under British Rule & Struggle for Independence (1750 AD - 1947 AD)
  2. Indian Sports & Games, Famous Sportsmen, Indian Movie Industry
  3. Das Avatars, Sankranti, Lori, Baisakhi, Significance of Symbols & Rituals. Ramayan concluded, Mahabharat Introduced.
C4 - Culture Level 4 - A Political, Technological and Religious View of India
  1. Famous Political Leaders, The Muslim Dominance (1000 AD - 1750 AD)
  2. Famous Indian Personalities, India's contributions in Math, Science, Astronomy & Technology
  3. Symbolism behind many Gods. Symbolism of Havan, Mahabharat story in detail
C5 - Culture Level 5 - A Geographic, Literary and Philosophical View of India
  1. Religious Landmarks of India, The Indian Constitution, The Golden Period (322 BC - 1000 AD: Mauryas, Guptas)
  2. Famous Literature & Poetry, Indian Textile, Jewelry & Fashion, Indian Fine Arts
  3. Symbolism of Durga and her forms, Symbolism of OM, Mahabharat with side stories, Hindu values of Respect,
  4. Righteousness.
C6 - Culture Level 6 - A Deep Dive into Indian Industry, Technology & Philosophy
  1. Produce of India, Election Process Overview, Ancient India (3000 BC - 100BC: Indus Valley, Vedic Era, Rise of Buddhism & Jainism)
  2. Deep Dive: India's Contribution in Math, Science, Astronomy & Technology
  3. Mahabharat concluded, philosophy of Gita Introduced, Hindu values & Examples of Gandhi
C7 - Culture Level 7 - Hinduism and it's Social Implications
  1. Overview of Hindu Scriptures, Myth of the Aryan Invasion Theory, Hinduism and Symbolism
  2. Science & Reasoning Behind Rituals and Superstitions, Deep Dive into the Caste System
  3. Stages or Ashrams of Life, Social Evils of Hindu Society, The Spiritual Revolution (Vivekananda etc.)
C8 - Culture Level 8 - Hinduism In Pursuit of Happiness
  1. Difference between Science, Religion and Spirituality
  2. The Pyramid of Human Personality The Body, Mind & Senses
  3. Finer points of differentiation between the mind and intellect, Orchestrating Your Attitude
C9 - Culture Level 9 - Bhagwat Gita and its Relevance to Modern Times
  1. Setting and Symbolism of Bhagvad Gita, Overview of chapters 1-4 of the Bhagvad Gita
  2. What are senses, desires and thoughts? Renouncing fruits of action
  3. Comparative analysis between Gita and contemporary works of literature, art and entertainment