Vidyalaya Online

Online Setup
  1. We will be using Google products for 2023-24 session.
  2. All email ids must have a google account
  1. All participants must join Classroom Bulletin Board
  2. All communication will be via Google Classroom
  1. Join classroom by clicking on the special invitation in your mailbox.
  2. Roster, attendance sheet are available on Dakhila portal
  3. Notice the name used by Student in Classroom, where different
  4. See Google Meet section for Teacher Instructions
  5. Communicate with students using Google Classroom (avoid email).
  6. Post to classroom with your credentials (not leadteacher)
  7. All classroom and associated material is available during current session only
  1. Must subscribe to three classrooms: Language, Culture and Bulletin Board
  2. Can use a parent's email id when parent is not a teacher
  3. To join classroom: (a) accept the invitation in email, (b) click join link on Dakhila
  4. First check the Classroom login on top right before joining any classroom
  1. click on Google icon to authenticate, use email where you receive emails from us
  2. All personal details are available by clicking My Detail
  3. Lists all classes and links for family
  1. login with your email, ensure you are using correct account by clicking image on top-right
  2. Primary communication between teachers and families
  3. Class material, homework, announcements
  1. Links to join call are shared on Dakhila portal
  2. Click on Meet links to join class.
  3. login with your email, ensure you are using correct account by clicking image on top-right
Google Meet
  1. On Dakhila, link to each meeting is visible
  2. Test by clicking the link
  3. It takes you to a screen which has a button - Ask to Join
  4. Click it and wait for Teacher to let you in the class
  5. SMS: (973) 946-8945, if nobody responds or any emergency
  1. Get Lead Teacher credentials from the Principal
  2. Start a private/anonymous window
  3. Go to the link for your class (you can copy it from Dakhila, or Google Classroom)
  4. Click Sign in at top right (or click switch account) and use leadteacher credentials
  5. Click - Join Now
  6. Let students in the call as the message comes
Leadteacher Login Challenges
  1. Google continues to improve security of the accounts
  2. Teachers please login early to ensure that security is crossed in time to start the class.
  3. Teacher logging in as may be asked to provide a code or click a number on the smartphone
  4. Please let know or sms (973) 946-8945 to pass through security
  5. It is possible to create a separate login for tech savvy teachers who want to use their own independent login with their phone number. Let know.
Am I ready?
Answer Yes to all of the following Questions.
  1. Have I logged in to Dakhila and see all my classes?
  2. Have I joined all Clasrooms
  3. Have I tested all my Google Meet links
What are my classrooms
  1. All participants must join Bulleting Board for annoucement
  2. Students - each student should be part of Language and Culture classroom
  3. Teachers - each teacher should be part of the their classroom as a Teacher
How do I create Google Account
gmail users already have a google account, skip this section.
non-gmail users must Create Google Account
  1. Click for myself
  2. Click use my current address instead
  3. Enter password twice
  4. Click next
  5. A verification code should be received in email.
  6. Enter it
  7. Enter a phone number for verification
  8. Enter the message received on sms
  9. Enter date of birth and gender. It says, why they ask.
  10. Get more from your number - not required, skip it
  11. Privacy and terms - agree
  12. Go back to invitation email
  13. accept invitation from Google Classroom.
What is school day schedule?
  1. See Calendar
  2. All times are Eastern. All Students must attend all classes.
  1. Open dakhila portal and login by clicking google icon and use personal email address
  2. join google meet for general assembly
  3. recheck bulletin board for any late annoucement
10am Students join Meet for lanaguage class
11am Students join Meet for Culture class
Teachers join Meet for their class, one teacher must join meet with leadteacher credentials
I need help?
  1. Write to
  2. Start by saying that you have read this page
  3. Then explain what you did after starting browser
  4. Let us know what did not work and a possible screenshot
  5. Install Teamviewer on your computer so we can see what is going wrong
  6. School Day: SMS: (973) 946-8945 (Sorry, no voice calls)
Why Bulletin Board?
  1. Everyone must join the classroom labelled Bulletin Board
  2. All announcements will be posted here and visible historically
  3. All participants can write to the Principal and expect response
  4. Any parent who does not wish to be part of this, should let us know and we will delete that email address
  5. At least one parent from each family must participate in this classroom.

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