The objective is to collect pictures for teh Yearbook which is published at the end of the year. The yearbook for 2015-16 will be published in 2016 and therefore the top level directory is YB2016 for this work.


  1. Download Filezilla from https://filezilla-project.org/download.php
  2. File->Import from the configuration file emailed.
  3. File->Site Manager, Select Vidyalaya and click on connect
  4. to the right of Rmote site: type "/vidyalaya/YB2016/Pending" and hit enter
  5. You should see the raw files there.


  1. Event pictures where the faces are not required to be identified, should be captured and uploaded to the Fileserver, under top level directory YB2016 for 2015-16 session.
  2. Individual and family pictures where the files need to be renamed, require additional support
  3. One way is to take the family ID and write it on something and click a picture. This allows us to associate following pictures with a family.
  4. The person taking the picture has the liberty to capture the information in any way as long as final pictures are shared with correct filenaming convention.
  5. upload raw pictures in "pending" directory under top level directory.


The finished/final files are saved in Portraits directory under top level directory (/vidyalaya/YB2016/Portraits). There are 4 sub-directories under it.

  1. Family
  2. Here we save raw pictures and share them with family. no cropping is required for family pictures. The picture should be renamed to family id.
  3. Fathers
  4. Cropped 1000x1000 picture should be saved with family id. no dashes no extra characters. Only the family id.
  5. Mothers
  6. Cropped 1000x1000 picture should be saved with family id. no dashes no extra characters. Only the family id.
  7. Students
  8. Cropped 1000x1000 picture should be saved with Student id. no dashes no extra characters. Only the Student id.


  1. This applies to individual pictures only
  2. We need a picture that is cropped to a square.
  3. The cropped picture should focus on the face and shoulders, with the face center aligned.
  4. The size should be 1000x1000 jpeg file

Notes for Umesh

  1. cd ~/pictures
  2. lftp -e 'set ftp:ssl-allow no;mirror YB2016/Portraits ; bye' -u vidyalaya,password ftp://ftp.vidyalaya.us
  3. cd Portraits
  4. for i in $(find . -type f -print); do j=../60x60/$i; if [ ! -f $j ] ; then convert -resize 60 $i $j; fi; done
  5. for i in $(find . -type f -print); do j=../60x60/$i; if [ $i -nt $j ] ; then echo $i; convert -resize 60 $i $j; fi; done

Before 2015-16 Session

  1. Decide on the dates by checking with photography volunteers (Anoli Patel, Chitra Rochlani). At least 2 Sundays are needed.
  2. Check with Language Class Coordinator to see if these dates will work
  3. A week before the date, announce the event in the newsletter and have the language coordinator inform language teachers
  4. Before D-Day, Print out Student rosters with Last Name, First Name, Parent's names, Language Class, Culture class
  5. Print out Volunteer/Parents roster with Last Name, First Name for all volunteers/parents
  6. Print out map of the school with the class assignments - these are used by volunteers to bring students from the classes
  7. Arrange for 2 volunteers to help the photographers in filling out the student portrait picture#s on the rosters.
  8. Arrange for 2 volunteers to bring the students from the classes and to keep the hopper full
  9. On D-day, Find the spot for photo shoot and set it up so that it is all ready before 10 AM on D-day.
  10. Bring students from language classes in order. Student Portraits are taken from 10 to 11 AM primarily
  11. Encourage Volunteers to get their pictures taken after 11 AM to minimize student wait time
  12. Photographers to take at least 2 pictures for each portrait.
  13. The backdrops and photo shoot settings for both photographers to be kept identical since the pictures get printed side by side in year book and should look similar.
  14. Hand over filled roster sheets to Publications lead. Photographers usually provide Pictures on a CD a couple days later.