This page details the steps needed for Student Evaluation process.
Language CoordinatorPrepare evaluation templates
Technology Email evaluation sheets to teachers.
Language CoordinatorReceive evaluation back, saved clenaed version
TechnologyEmail Evaluation report to families
Admission CoordinatorUse it to place students
  1. Templates are stored in Dropbox/Vidyalaya-Language/ModifiedLanguageAssessment folder.
  2. Database tables
    1. In the enrollment table, a student is placed in "availableClass" object.
    2. It refers to a "course" object. The "course" is made of department, sub-department and level.
    3. Each language is a separate department.
  3. The template is made for a level within a sub-department. For Language offering we support three sub-departments. For each sub-department, template files are nameed by level in following structure.
    1. Directory 1 is for traditional Language classes
    2. Directory 2 is for conversation Language classes - discontinued
    3. Directory 3 is for Kindergarten Language program. The KG class is level 0. - discontinued
    4. Number 4 is reserved for standbly teachers. No students will ever be enrolled in it
    5. Directory 5 is for intermediate Language classes introduced in 2017
Language coordinator will ensure
  1. there is a template for each sub-department and level where a student is enrolled.
  2. Next year placement column header in each excel file reads correct session
Teacher Comments
Only following values are permitted in teacher comemnts. Please refrain from putting free form text in this column.
  1. Student is making excellent progress.
  2. Student has a good attitude toward school.
  3. Student enjoys participating in classroom conversation.
  4. Student shows confidence and interest during class.
  5. Student makes a good effort and tries very hard in class.
  6. Student has shown some improvement during the year.
  7. Student is not consistent in performance during class.
  8. Student has difficulty following class rules and expectations.
  9. Student needs frequent encouragement.
  10. Student is not working to the best of the ability.
Email to Teachers
  1. Technology will run Publications::LanguageAssessment(); to prepare class specific files
  2. Language Coordinator to review files in Dropbox/Vidyalaya-Roster/{SESSION}/assessment/excel directory
  3. For test run, make sure production is set to zero in file dakhila/php/Report/teacherEmail.inc
  4. Technology will run Report_teacherEmail::doAllStatic("languageAssessment") to email attachment to all taechers. one teacher gets one email for all classes
  5. The email is sent by spa@vidylaya.org and test email is sent to voting inbox.
  6. Language coordinator needs to approve email draft before Technology emails it to all Teachers
Receive Evaluations
  1. verify access to spa inbox, dakhila portal and dropbox roster folder
  2. The evaluations received back from Teachers in spa inbox are saved in Dropbox/Vidyalaya-Roster/{SESSION}/evaluation/input folder
  3. go to spa mailbox, in the search box type "subject:Assessment has:attachment" and hit enter.
  4. Language coordinator will review all files and approve
    1. Column header for next year contains correct session name
    2. Next year placement is populated
    3. Teacher comment contains a number
    4. All classes have submitted evaluation reports
Evaluation Report
  1. File Evaluations.inc, line Mail::mailEvaluation($studentId, self::$html, 1); should be commented out so emails are not sent.
  2. File Evaluations.inc, line self::WriteStudentAssessment($category, $header, $cells); should be allowed to run to produce pdf files.
  3. Technology will run Evaluation::ProcessAllExcelFiles(); to generate reports.
  4. Reports will be available in Dropbox/Vidyalaya-Roster/{SESSION}/evaluation/report/pdf directory.
  5. File Evaluations.inc, line Mail::mailEvaluation($studentId, self::$html, 1); should run to send emails to families.
  6. To send real emails, file util.inc, function mailEvaluation, production should be set to 1. Test emails are sent to voting inbox. Emails are sent from SPA email address.
New Year Enrollment
  1. Run Evaluation::ProcessAllExcelFiles(); and comment out self::WriteStudentAssessment($category, $header, $cells); so no files are generated and no email is sent.
  2. File assessment.csv is saved in data directory to be used in viewer.
  3. The program also generates sql update commands to update the database.
  4. Language coordinator will review all files and approve
    1. Assign class rooms
    2. Make sure teachers are assigned to each class
    3. If language is presenting, setup morning presentation schedule
PDF Compression
for i in 1 2 3 4 5 6; do convert $i.pdf -compress Zip $i-c.pdf; done
gs -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -dCompatibilityLevel=1.7 -dPDFSETTINGS=/ebook -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -dQUIET -sOutputFile=output.pdf input.pdf