9:15 - 10:00
Morning & Assembly Volunteers
Assembly Setup & Monitoring
- Setup cones for classes to line up
- Monitoring students during assembly
- Cordial dismissal of kids to classes
- Assist with other morning tasks
10:00 - 11:00
Language Class Volunteer
Language Teacher Assistant
- Assisting teacher with instruction
- Assisting with homework assessment
- Help with newsletter entry
11:00 - 11:45
Culture Class Volunteer
Culture Teacher Assistant
- Assisting teacher with instruction
- Help with newsletter entry
During School
Desi Bucks Distribution
- Distribution of Desi bucks while students enter the Assembly
- Distributing Desi Bucks on Spirit Days
- Purchase of material & Setup Desi Bucks Shop

Picture Day Assistant
- Assist with taking class photos
- Assist with taking family photos

Snack Distribution
- Delivering Snacks to KG
- Helping out with after school snack distribution
- Assisting with snacks during special ocassions (Garba, Holi, Pongal)
Off Hours
- Updating Prayer Books
- Updating Newsletter
- Updating Year Book
- Upating Language Curriculum Books
- Updating Culture Curriculum Books

Technology Assistant
- Update database
- Update website
Annual Day/Picnic
Activities / Annual Day
- MCs
- Stage Management
- Booth Management
- Registration
- Snack & Food Registration

- Sports Coordinators
- Setup &: Cleanup Team
- Raffle
- Snack & Food Distribution
Culture and Language
  1. Teachers primary and assistants
  2. Substitute teachers
  3. Help with creating teaching resources
  4. Organize existing materials
  5. Help With Teacher Seminars
  6. Type worksheets in Hindi, Gujarati or Telugu using the Baraha program
  7. Help with library collection
  1. Publication Design & Editing Program Brochures, Newsletter, Yearbook
  2. Photography Portraits, Class Pictures, Presentations, Event coverage
  3. Cultural Activities Help Diwali Activity, Garba, Makar Sankranti, Holi, Picnic
  4. After-School Events Help Orators ‘R Us
  1. Facilities - Parking Management, Hallway monitoring, Snack Purchase & Distribution
  2. Marketing - Print Advertisements, Flyers, E-Mail campaigns
  3. Fundraising -Sponsor/Advertiser
  4. Enrollment, Waitlist management, Fee collections, refunds
  5. Announcements, mailing lists, data management
  6. Reports, attendance sheets, evaluations, material distribution
  7. Volunteer management, web portals, project management
Why Teach?
I like to teach at Vidyalaya because
  1. I like to interact with kids & teach. Kids have enthusiasm and unbiased minds to absorb information. Kids challenge and question norms that pave the way to novel thinking and creativity. Also from a personal stand point I feel fulfilled that I am contributing to society by sharing aspects of Indian culture.
  2. I like to share our culture with our kids so they know that all cultures have a meaning behind them. This will help them develop respect for their culture and the world.
  3. I like the kids in the class. It’s so much fun to teach young kids about India and our culture. They have very intelligent questions about Gods and our Mythological stories. I am very impressed by them and am in fact learning our culture through them.
  4. I like to interact with kids. Just to see how they think is very enlightening. Being able to mold their impressionable minds in a positive way is very rewarding. Teaching the kids Indian culture makes me understand the subject better myself.
  5. It helps my own kids attend and learn. For me it’s time well spent on a Sunday morning.
  6. my kids are here and if they’re here so I am. It has been great to refresh, renew and study along with the kids and use that to help at home with explaining puja, festivals and traditions in a language they understand.
  7. It is rewarding experience of teaching kids and learning from them.
  8. of my passion and love to give to the Indian community and set a good example for my children. They would give back when such an opportunity arises for them.
  9. I want to be a part of my child’s knowing himself/herself as an Indian- American and let them know about the rich cultural background they come from.
  10. My child loves to share the knowledge his mom has with other kids and gets very happy. Also I love to listen to kids’ views as well on each topic by discussing with them.
  11. I get to share my knowledge of Indian Culture that I have gained over my lifetime.
  12. I like to teach other children what I have learned at Vidyalaya.
  13. I like to see the same smile which I had when I learnt that material. Originally I started teaching last year to get volunteer hours. However, I came to know that teaching has much more depth than teaching the geography of India. It also includes emotionally connecting with students, sharing laughs and having a great time learning about Indian culture.
  14. I initially enrolled my kids and then after attending every Sunday I realized that there is so much I can learn and contribute. It gives me tremendous pleasure to teach and be here every week and set an example for my kids about commitment and leadership.
  15. I realize the value of the culture I was raised in and love to share with the community.

My primary motivation is to give something back to society. Society has given us a lot and if we can repay even a tiny bit we would be able to create a better world around us.

Secondary motive is to preserve our own culture and religion. It’s a learning experience for both parent and child. It helps kids achieve become a better person by not only respecting their own culture but becoming a better person.

Documents to be catalogued

  1. Hourlog Word
  2. Teacher specific instruction on how they can post assignments and/or other materials.
  3. Student specific , instructions on how they can submit assignments and/or post other material to Stream (if permissioned by the class).
  4. Share an Attachment in Classroom
  5. Baraha Executable, Manual
  6. Volunteering 2023
  7. Reimbursement

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